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 Get to Know Jaxon Wilbur

You can call me Jax or Loafi (Bread), my name used on Social Media that originated from my childhood. 

I like to consider myself a determined, passionate, and easy to get along with person. I spent most of my childhood in the middle-of-nowhere New York, running around in fields and making up stories in my head. From made-up creatures to alternate worlds, I am now bringing those stories to life in addition to illustrating the tales of others to share with the world. My goal is to attend more and more events here on the East Coast and possibly expand across the US. If you have any events in mind, please send me them so I can apply and expand on my audience.

Feel free to contact me with any questions about me or my work, I'd love to chat and respond within at least 24 hours or else you can smite me.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me!

Have a great day~

Drink Water and be healthy!!!

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Wonderful, imaginative artist that was very pleasant and easy to work with and created amazing artwork for sticker sheets. We highly recommend working with them for any artistic needs, truly a pleasure!
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