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Our Projects

This is your Project Page. Various Large Scale Projects that we find decent pride in reside here for you to look further into! Some are even for public sale while others may have been for the clients use only but available for public view!

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Deck of Many Things

This Fun little project was for a custom D&D deck for ongoing campaigns of a DM who very much enjoys the fun chaos the world of magic can bring to players. These cards will be available as small prints but the deck itself is private to the DM and his players!

Deck_Of_Many_Things 3.jpg

Sinda the Singing Monster

"Come meet Sinda and all the other monsters on the island of Kanuku. When a
grumpy neighbor decides he doesn’t like Sinda’s singing, poor Sinda has to find
her voice again. Join Sinda and all her friends on this fun adventure!"
Sneak peeks into the book and some behind the scenes concept work.

Sinda Book 01.JPG

Tate Attale and Friends

For now a single Picture Book telling on the hardships of mental illness, but coming soon a collection of characters with differing life views and struggles. Picture Books, Graphic Novels, and More.

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